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Support:Windows 11/10/8/7


Split/Merge Partition

Fold partitions into tittle bars or small icons, maximizing desktop space efficiency for a cleaner and more organized layout.

Collapse/Expand Partition

Partitions can be folded into title bars or small icons. Efficient use of desktop space to make the desktop cleaner.

Real-Time Organization

Tailor the file organizing timing to your preference, ensuring automatic organization as new files are created, seamlessly adapting to your workflow.

One-Click Organization

Automatically sort by files, folders, and icons to quickly organize your desktop, making it less cluttered and saving time on organization.


Customize Partition Appearance

Customize outer border, text and file display format to add a personal touch, enhancing the visual appeal of your desktop partition.

Change Partition Theme

Personalize your desktop with customizable partition themes and backgrounds, creating a harmonious visual experience.

Custom Organizing Rules

Free to modify organizing rules for complex files type, offering a more personalized and convenient experience.

Upload To Cloud

Backup and swiftly restore desktop layouts, preserving your preferred setup even after changes.

Shortcut Folder

Create shortcut folders to gain fast access to deep directory files without consuming C disk space.

Double-Click To Hide

Conveniently hide or reveal desktop icons and files with a double-click.


Version History More

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1.Supports adding background images, borders, border widgets, etc. to desktop partitions.



Post Editor

With CleanDsektop for Windows, you can organize your icons into organized partitions on your desktop that can be visible or hidden, so they're easier to find and easier to see.

Product Manager

VERY NICE!Almost without exception, when people see my desktop they ask me about CleanDesktop, and often they try it and fall in love as well.

Project Engineer

I've used a lot of desktop organizing tools, and there's no doubt that CleanDesktp is the best. At first I thought it had few functions, but now I think it is as good as Fences or even better. I recommend it to you.

Executive Secretary

It wasn't two minutes after installing CleanDesktop that I realized I'd be using it for the rest of my computing life.It's that good.